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Established in 2010 HJB Hypnotherapy is the place that can deliver bespoke Hypnotherapy helping with all things to do with the mind.
At HJB Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Meditation are also available. For health care professionals, as well as individuals who want to keep psychologically healthy, there are Mind Aware Relaxation Courses.

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'Helen was recommended to me ....I had decided after 30 years to quit smoking. After therapy I was amazed how my thought process changed. I have continued with Reiki once a month.....I would recommend Helen for any therapy' Client from Essex

'Unable to leave the house Helen was able to visit me for my hypnotherapy sessions. After four sessions I was able to walk to the local shop on my own! I cannot thank you enough Helen. Would definitely recommend' Client from Cambridgeshire

'I will begin with a huge thank you for your help with my issues......your music and speech soothes and relaxes. A real helpful tool........with your help I am able to sleep better.....without medications' Self-hypnosis CD Australia

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