Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Seagulls 4 bridgejpegHow skills and abilities can work in other environments with jobs looking increasingly uncertain and ways of working changing many people are now working from home and for some this could be permanent.

Focus and routine can be hard although not having to commute some will applaud while others will miss the separation it brings to home and work life. Going to work provides exercise, motivation, and a sense of purpose as well as social interactions. Friendships made, laughter and banter amongst colleagues can make boring and laborious jobs more enjoyable. Missing the social aspects of work could easily see a rise in depression and other mental health problems.

Supporting employees when working environments change is crucial to keep everyone united and strong. When spending time with work colleagues’ peoples’ habits and personalities are recognised and if there was to be a significant change in them it would be noticed but, when someone lives and works alone who is there to see this? For companies, the second biggest financial outlay, after staff wages, can be the rents of premises which are now sitting empty. So, having staff work from home may find the corporates better off financially but long term it could prove costly in other ways.

Staying Mentally Safe when working from home:

A)     Have a designated space to work if possible if not clear away laptop etc., at the end of every day. This keeps a clear separation of home and workspace.

B)     Have the same break times you would at work. This keeps the working day more structured and helps with concentration.

C)     Go for a walk before you start and after finishing the working day. A 10-minute walk can clear headspace.

D)      If employed and feeling lonely or struggling to work alone ask to talk to someone who can give support. If self-employed look at speaking with a counsellor.

E)     Reach out to other work associates at least once a week through e-mail, text, or FaceTime. Notice, if any, changes in them like lengths of conversations or avoidance of answering calls. Physical appearance, if looking unwashed, unkempt, or lethargic these can be signs of depression or something more serious.

At HJB Hypnotherapy we can, during November provide FREE 30-minutes telephone counselling to anyone who may be struggling during this lockdown.