Anyone Can Live the Dream!

SignsjpegLife can at times seem like a one-way street and looking at this sign I sensed to write this post about dreams that people have for a better life. By the meaning of ‘better life’ as in one they would feel more comfortable in emotionally and mentally.

Some who appear to live the dream, if asked how, the answer maybe: ‘follow only what instinctually feels right’

Thinking about turning a dream into reality can be helped by taking regular walks which frees mind space, so it is clear to think organically. The term organic thinking simply means thoughts that are created naturally either by the thinker or ones that give solutions to problems often appearing suddenly in the mind. Being outside amongst the natural world most of the answers, to whatever questions there maybe, can be found if time is taken to look, listen and feel what is around.

When thoughtful dreams rarely change, and neither do the feelings attached, it can mean it is a ‘true life purpose’ calling. In other words, it is meant to be!

A good point to remember is to let dreams have some freedom so when consciously thinking of turning them to reality try not to see only one direction to take, after all there are many roads that can all lead to the same destination.

To daydream has healthy benefits for the mind and body because it lets the mind have free time away from every day stressful thoughts. Thinking about positive nice things can evoke feelings of relaxation which manifest in the body so, if a dream cannot yet be a living reality it can always live on within the mind!