Crystals, Natures Jewels

CrystalsjpegCrystals are earth’s natural jewels some abundant with colour and others as clear as spring water but all with amazing healing power. In their natural state some can be as tall as a person and as they grow are often sharp and rough to touch. Under the ground crystals are formed in a similar way to stalagmites with water seeping down collecting other minerals and deposits on the way and depending on the area this determines quality, colour, and type of varieties found.

Over many thousands of years crystals have been and are still used today to help all kinds of aliments. Some are sold as ornaments and lamps and having crystals like these in the home can benefit those who live there. Tumble stones are smaller pieces of crystal which have been placed in large machines with water and sand and quite literally tumbled round and round many times. This action creates the smoother shinier crystals that most will recognise, and these are ideal for carrying in a pocket or bag providing comfort in times of stress and worry.

Useful for insomnia, headaches, and other aches and pains some crystals are known for helping to attract love and wealth. If not, sure which crystal is needed see which one draws attention because there is an old saying that ‘the right crystal will find you!’