Don't turn your back on depression!

Depression is something that slowly develops. We all have 'off' days and as long as these are few and far between that is fine! Often people who are depressed start to neglect an area of their world and symptoms vary depending upon the individual and some can conceal it well. Even in today's world where technology gets everyone talking people still communicate through body language approximately 95% of the time. A lot, can be 'told' just by observing how a person sits, positions their hands and how much eye contact they give when talking and listening.

Left untreated depression will only get worse and in some cases lead to other things which then make life harder and more complicated for the sufferer. Talking helps but it can be difficult to explain feelings to others who are friends and may not understand. Getting professional help is the best thing because it brings support and understanding in a neutral safe and confidential place.

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