Ego what is it and do people need it?

WinJPGMany believe that humans could not survive without ego but what is it? And do people need it?

Firstly, ego is not confidence; it is a false representation that a person hides behind. Ego constantly needs to be fuelled with things like adoring compliments from others, the need of materialistic status as well as having to control what others say, do and think. Being false it can be easily destroyed and when that happens anger or frustration are normally vented because the true vulnerability of the egotist is revealed.

There is no need of ego, although it is often seen in society today. Anything which is gained falsely is only cheating others as well as those who demonstrate ego.

For people to be more appreciative of who they truly are with the understanding that by showing kindness and consideration to themselves and others is much easier, nicer, and enjoyable, more so, than anything of materialistic value.

It can be exhausting being an egotist so, perhaps EGO stands for ‘Energy Going Out’! Well maybe it is time to put that energy to good honest use which in turn will positively benefit all.