Using music or guided meditations, although helpful to start with, does not allow the mind complete rest. Some guided meditations encourage the mind to imagine things and by doing so stimulate it rather than relax it. Meditation is about not thinking so by eliminating extra sound should help to achieve this. With regular practice the appreciation of stillness and quiet becomes far greater and not just during meditation, it also helps to reduce a need for constant noisy interaction at other times.

Enlightenment can only be experienced by putting less into the mind. When I first experienced enlightenment, it did feel strange but also at the same time comforting with a sense of recognition. For me enlightenment means: Peace of mind that there is nothing to cause un-ease or dis-ease.

 It is a moment that happens and when it does it will not necessarily mean that feeling will be reached with every meditation thereafter. Experiencing it during meditation for me was the start of bringing enlightenment into my life and that has taken, for me, many years of continuous practice.

Enlightenment is within that one mind at that one moment. It cannot be learnt as in the way of something physical or remembered like a favourite poem. The road to enlightenment can only start through meditating daily and will take time and practice. So, what are you waiting for let your journey begin!

Let Meditation Be Your Medication For A Healthy Mind.