Friends and friendships

Otters friendsJPGFrom an early age to have friends is encouraged and those connections that are made in life help to develop the personalities people have. Starting school allows varied social interactions, some that may not always be approved by parents. Early friendships developed can, for some, continue over many years even throughout a lifetime.

Equal on both sides, never physically or emotionally draining, true friendship does not care if years pass between it and contact may be lost. True friends understand each other sometimes without even the need for words and they are trusted people, non-judgmental confidants.  

Going off to University, although exciting, can be daunting for many young adults.  As well as the family they are leaving behind many friendships can feel the strain of the physical miles between them. But this is not the only time when the comfortable social circles can alter. As people grow older so their independence may change, and in these times the need to move into a care home could mean the familiar friendly faces that have always been there are no longer around. Starting new acquaintances could come at any time in life but it does not have to be a difficult thing to do.

Being open to meet and greet new people is something that is never too late to do. Confidence to start chatting with others is sometimes all it takes. Opening a discussion about the current situation and surroundings is an easy starter then by gauging responses back can help to determine if friendship could be on the cards. Having said that though, some people are incredibly shy around new people and could appear as if they do not want to make a connection. So, perseverance maybe needed, in some cases, although ill-advised if it at all becomes like hard work!

Demonstrating an approachable and sociable personality helps to open opportunities which can increase possibilities of new friendships. It can be difficult to not feel like the ‘new kid on the block’ at whatever age but smiling and making eye contact when talking, will help make finding new friends easier. For many, these can be as good and as strong and sometimes even better than the friendships that have been around for years!

Someone once said, ‘Friends are the family we choose!’ I think they were right!