Happy Ever After....and why not?

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Is doom and gloom most people’s expectations of daily life? If it is maybe now is a time to call for change to think positively and raise energy to bring back a heathier balance. Scientifically most things function by having positive and negative working together in turn. Constantly placing negatives in the mind is the same as only eating a diet of burger and chips then experiencing lethargy and depression. When the brain only feeds off negatives it creates heavy emotions as well as physical tension.  

Negative thinking is addictive and can be hard to break free from and identifying the cause of mental and emotional unease may not be easy. But in most cases by what the mind is exposed to on TV, surfing the internet even by interacting with others could be where most comes in from. Having quiet time alone balanced with positive visual and auditory stimuli will help the brain to respond with brighter thoughts, calmer emotions and a body that feels relaxed.

Before a concert starts it is normal to have a warmup act on stage these build a higher positive energy in the audience. If they did not have these the vibration of energy would be much lower so when the main act appeared people’s reactions would be slower. Because negativity has become normal in people’s ways of thinking, lower vibrational energy is created, and this could be the reason why so many suffer from mental and physical fatigue.  

A mindful slogan printed on a T-shirt or telling someone ‘to look on the brighter side of life’ is not what positive thinking stands for, neither does it mean being in denial that bad things happen. It simply is getting the control back and thinking for yourself to be able to see things from an individual perspective rather than through something that is fed in by an outside source.  

Using mind space efficiently, thinking only in the present and effectively, reacting only in the present, who knows what could happen? Maybe the discovery that Happy Ever After’s may not only happen in fairy-tales!