How to get rid of mental pollution

Having mind space that is free of worry is something that can be achieved by anyone and a mind detox is the way to start. Imagine this just like a physical detox, where things are cut out and bad routines are exchanged for good ones. Except for a mind detox it is about the awareness of what is put into the brain and mind through exposure to things and how that can be reduced and changed.

The brain absorbs experiences, and the mind collects them, and this is done through the senses. Being more conscious of aggressive, depressing, and other negative content that is watched and listened to and eliminating these will greatly reduce stress, anxiety, and other symptoms, that can increase unease and dis-ease mentally, as well as emotionally and physically.

Give it a try, for a week by filling the mind daily with calmer, relaxing and more up-beat things. Walking and being outside in the fresh air is good but that means NO mobile devices plugged in and switched on after all who cares how many steps you take?? Ditch the TV and read a real book with paper pages. Devices give out too much light causing the brains activity to increase and so produces overthinking and tension in the mind. Listening to natural sounds like birds singing help to create a relaxed environment. Take regular mind rests letting the grey matter clear and relax by watching, listening, and doing absolutely nothing.

Statistics show that dementia is rising in people of all ages. Dementia is a cruel mental illness that takes the life of those who it effects directly and kills the lives of others around them. Maybe it is time to see dementia in a different light, as a symptom one which could be caused by a lifetime of neglect of mental health!

Mind space cannot be replaced! Taking time today to put less in it will insure you get more out of it in the future. After all what is sowed today will be the harvest of tomorrow!

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