Let Ego go!

AA11 editedjpegEnergy Going Out, or for short EGO, where energy inside is pushed outwardly to make those around feel inferior. 

The Ego only cares about the win, not the feelings of others it hurts, as it climbs its fragile ladder of success. With every action or word, the world must know what the Ego has just achieved to give it the sugary high of self-glorification from those around them. The Ego must work hard all the time because the life that it builds is false and at any time could all come crashing down. Concealing a soul that is crying out for help that is so desperate to be loved and accepted as the true self. Only when the Ego is no longer fuelled will it lose its strength to rule.

When Ego is shown the door to leave so with it goes greed, anger, and jealousy. The soul, now with the space to live and breathe, begins the new growth of love, worthiness, and appreciation of the true self. 

A life without Ego is by far more fulfilling when finding that enough is always just that because there is no need for more. 

A life without Ego is one of calmness and love where the true soul is revealed in all its beauty. 

A life without Ego the soul will happily embrace the achievements of others as if they were their own. 

A life without Ego naturally leads all souls, lost and found, to the pathway of enlightenment and inner peace. 

Photo from Daily messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue