Let go into change!

IMG_1978jpegChanging anything can be daunting. Whether the change seeking is physical, emotional or mental first is the process of shedding the old to make room for the new. 

Stepping into the unknown and leaving behind something that has become unhealthy can at first seem exciting but often during this process as the distance from old becomes greater so fears and insecurities can arise and bring temptation to return to the old ways. Also, in this in-between time, patience can be tested almost like being in limbo, but this can be useful to reflect helping to become balanced again giving a greater potential of success for the new change as it arrives. 

This photograph shows how the field has been cleared of the old crops and now silently restoring its energy to embrace the new seeds so when sown, they will successfully grow!

Hypnotherapy can be a helpful guide to bring changes in the mind in a natural way. Call today to book an initial consultation