Let go of the past to embrace the present!

Arch haverhilljpegIt can be difficult to release something mentally and emotionally that no longer serves in a positive way. Whether from the past or recent present breaking free from something stored in the mind can be done and if in a physical visual way will create a separation that is easier to understand. Simply walking through a doorway and saying something empowering like: ‘I am choosing to release and move on from…’ whatever it may be, also brings the feelings associated when removing ourselves from situations, we choose not to be in.  Going for a walk brings physical divide too, especially if in a stressful environment because being outside in the natural world grounds us and makes us connect to the here and now. This not only benefits mind space but is also helpful in relieving tension in the body too!

Hypnotherapy can help to release issues from the past which are holding back the progression of the present. To take the first step for positive change call us today!