Lets lead the next generation by good example

DucklingsJPGThe stress and anxiety that COVID-19 has brought to many adults could be passed down to their children through the conditioned belief FEAR.  Being fearful can lead to higher levels of stress and anxiety as well as phobias and other conditions such as OCD. From birth babies react to experiences around them by using their senses instinctively and in their formative years young children learn from what they see, feel, and hear. A child’s understanding and use of vocabulary is limited they notice the tone of a voice rather than the words being said and are sensitive to emotions displayed when adults around them are communicating with them or each other. This can explain how some people in later life develop fears and do not know the reason why. Fear is caused by overthinking things as well as reinforced from outside negativity such as watching too much television, reading newspapers, and having discussions with others about negative topics. Most fears are unfounded, they just hold a person back from living a fuller happier life. Realistically no adult would knowingly want to teach a child to grow up being fearful so, maybe it is time for change. Instead let us all try passing on something that is positive and happy today that can be repeated by the next generation in tomorrow’s world!