Make A Wish

IMG_1992jpegMake A Wish

22nd-28th November 2021

This card for the week ahead brings the magic of wishes to those here reading this. When granted a wish it can be hard to think clearly of what to ask for so, take time to sit and clear away unwanted thoughts which could interrupt this magical time. How, personally, the level of self-worth is viewed can also prove hard to receive something nice when it comes. Perhaps knowing this will help: We are all creations of this Divine Universe and therefore worthy of goodness to be sent and to embrace it creates positive vibrations that ripple outwardly, which then helps others too.

So, what are you waiting for make your wish and enjoy it!

This guidance powered by: Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Full readings available: Face 2 Face; Telephone; Video Call

Card Doreen Virtue Mermaids and Dolphins