Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week 18th -24th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness is this week and the theme is kindness. Being kind to the mind will help to improve the quality of thinking and creativity within it. It is only by clearing out ‘dead wood’ caused by negative thoughts and thinking can new creative growth happen which is healthy for a mind.  Resting the mind is important and can only take 10-minutes.

Try this exercise: Sit in silence with eyes open looking into the palms of the hands, repeat breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. After 5 minutes close eyes and with the in breath make a fist with both hands and on the out breath relax fingers out. Repeat continuing for the last 5 minutes.

Mind Rests release all the unnecessary clutter in which creativity could become lost. True kindness can only be given out if the seed from which it comes from is pure and good. Maybe it is time to be kind to your mind now!

New growth_LIjpg