Mid-week Mind Mantra

Emotions are a way we can express ourselves to each other, which hopefully others will understand. When emotion has been used, whether it is positive or negative, taking some time to sit quietly will let mind and body rebalance. Too much positive emotion can make us feel high and often when in this state we can say or do things that later maybe regretted. Too much negative emotion can feel heavy and exhausting making life feel hard and miserable. Balance is the key to everything; balance is like salt and pepper and if added in equal measures brings out the flavours. So, by keeping in balance everything in life will tasteful and experienced as it is seen, heard, and felt! 
Practice a Mind Mantra for emotional energy balance and mental focus. For best results look in the mirror and repeat three times, twice a day for a week 'ENERGY WITHIN MY MIND AND BODY ARE BALANCED EQUALLY THROUGH MY HEART' 

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