Mind Matters April 2020 Looking at comfort eating

Comfort eating is something that most people do at one stage or another through their lives. Having a bad day or having a good day the answer can still be the same ....FOOD.

For each person there will be a reason behind why they comfort eat and these can be hard to discover by oneself. Part of the process in stopping is to be aware of the emotional feelings linked when reaching for those foodie fixes.

Emotions play a big part in comfort eating. And why is that? Probably because through early stages in life food is offered at emotional times for example: to calm the crying baby: to reward the good child: to treat the temperamental teenager.

Food should be enjoyed for the goodness and health it provides for the brain and physical body. Emotional attachments to food should not be encouraged at any age. By doing so could lead to other more serious eating disorders in the future.