Mind Matters July 2019

Brexit Stressed?

Brexit has been the top topic of conversation for many and at times, perhaps, the focus of negative thinking. For just over three years of waiting and still unresolved thinking about Brexit could cause feelings of frustration, anger and even fear which could put the mind as well as emotions and physical body all under unnecessary stress.

Stress in the mind is commonly caused by thinking about the future. By not thinking in the moment leads the emotions to respond to things which are not actually happening. Reality is so different to what can be imagined and thinking in this way could cause sleepless nights, a rise in blood pressure, palpitations and other physical ailments. Realistically the only reality experienced by thinking in this way will be the emotional and physical stress that it could cause.

Whether a ‘yes’ a ‘no’ or a ‘don’t know’ voter, hear this Brexit thinkers and any others who fail to think in the moment

Keep calm and


Relax and

EXIT from all the anxiety and stress.

Only by breaking negative patterns which fuel negative thinking can the mind truly rest.

Brexit thinkers or like many today living with a mind which never switches off, try these simple things to encourage good mental health so mind will stay healthy and at its best.

• Try not to watch, listen or read News articles for one week

• Try putting a limit on screen time or in the evenings. Even try turning off all screens, including TV, one hour before bed.

• Go for a walk everyday, 15-30 minutes is all you need

• 15 minutes silence before bed, sitting with eyes closed just listening to breathing.

The final Brexit result may or may not be the preferred personal choice but thoughts always are!

Hypnotherapy can, with regular sessions, help to train the mind so it can relax. Having moments when the mind rests is a good way to keep it healthy and working in the way it should. By relaxing in the mind it can help to increase acute awareness in the senses and keep the balance of emotions real helping the body to relax, feel comfortable and function naturally!

Be kind to the mind

Today, everyday and

The mind will be kind to you!

Please note: the above information DOES NOT express any political opinions or preferences