Mind Matters June 2019

Natures Perfection and Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a phrase which is well known and has the meaning that the observer chooses what is beautiful. For me beauty is as nature intended and there is no other way to experience this than by taking a walk in the countryside enjoying the wonders of all of Mother Nature's creations. Taking this photo, I later observed how beautiful the insect was. The shimmering colours on its body and the delicacy of the wings which amazingly hold its weight during flight. The perfection and beauty of this little creation which was no bigger than one third of my smallest finger.

Life today can give illusions of what perfection and beauty is and this can be hard to live up to. What is perfection? Some definitions say 'faultlessness, exquisiteness, immaculateness'  and the definition of beauty?  'Pleasing to look at, attractiveness, charm, grace'.
Not so many years ago time would be spent dying my hair, straightening my hair and painting fingernails. Then more time applying full make up to my face. My inner insecurities where being masked by a physical falseness which was not me at all. The person on the outside was not the person on the inside. In fact I created a harder physical environment for myself because I had to live up to what others saw me as on the outside.

Self-appreciation came to me through my work, by that meaning, I had to become the real me if it was my intention to help others discovering their true self. By working inwardly and becoming my own best friend gave me the confidence to step away from those straighteners, ditch the hair dye, nail polish and full make up. By becoming complete inside my inner beauty could shine outwardly naturally. The comfortableness was finding my true self and the realisation that what I thought where my imperfections are the true perfections and beauty of me.   
When things are as nature intends there will always be a true element of perfection and beauty which does not have to be exaggerated or changed in any way. By starting inwardly with a true appreciation of the inner-self this will bring naturally the balance of appreciation to the outer-self.
Hypnotherapy can help with self-appreciation, confidence and self-esteem to bring out the best natural and true qualities in everyone.