Mind Matters May 2019

Time to be kind to your mind!

Mental Health week is 13th to 19th May and this is a chance to spend time to look at ways to help improve health and well-being in the place which is often ignored the mind!
For almost ten years I have been working as a hypnotherapist and during this time have realised  that by regularly relaxing in the mind will help balance emotions and provide good physical health. 

Like most children, my imagination was overactive often daydreaming and as I got older overthinking. Often drifting away whether it was about the past or moving ahead in to the future missing out the most important bit in the middle the present. At times my thoughts flowed constantly interrupting my life to a point where large chunks of my day would be lost because my mind was not in the moment. Looking back now I can understand why I was always tired and never seemed to have enough hours in the day. Emotions ran high within me and suffering lots of physical problems including allergies my life was very different to how it is today. But it has taken time and lots of practice for me now to benefit, as I feel I do, from having a calmer clearer and present mind.

Good mental health is something which has to be learnt and practiced daily. 
It can be a long process for the mind to change how it thinks because most thoughts are conditioned through beliefs which are learnt from an early age.
Because the mind cannot be seen it can be difficult to understand but it actually communicates through emotional senses and then through the physical body.
Overthinking is over use of the mind which is unhealthy and when ignored can cause negative emotions to be felt which then release in to the body. Once here physical symptoms are displayed as a warning that something is troubling the mind.

By the time the symptoms have reached the body it is then becomes  a physical focus. But when an ailment is caused through physical wear and tear it will be present all the time until it heals. When it is something which is linked to the mind pain and discomfort in the body will come and go and quite often there will be no logical reason for this.

This is why meditation is so good for health and well being not just for the mind but for the emotional and physical body too. Meditation allows for complete silence and stillness, mentally, emotionally and physically and when practiced regularly it helps for recognising quickly when the mind is feeling overstretched before it becomes an emotional or physical dis-ease. 

You only have one mind so take care of it not just today but everyday after all it is the power that powers YOU!

Discover how to meditate easily at HJB Hypnotherapy see Diary dates 2019 page for more details