Organic Thinking

Over thinking, in the mind, uses emotions which can physically feel real. Thinking too much is unhealthy and does not allow the mind any chance of rest. Organic thinking is creating thoughts only when needed and in a way which allows the ability to make choices and decisions on a personal and individual basis. By only absorbing information relevant and helpful from the moment, organic thinking uses only emotions when necessary. Increasing creativity as well as accessing memories easily organic thinking gives space to the thinker.

Starting to think organically needs the mind to have a detox. Detoxing a mind happens when there are less distractions around so, time away from screens will help. Resisting the urge to ‘device binge’ with multiple devices such as: phones, laptops, iPad's and even television done simultaneously will also cleanse and clear cluttered thinking. Device bingeing is unhealthy it causes too much mental stimulation and because it can be variable in its content, it creates emotional unease, increasing stress, anxiety, as well as sleepless nights and can cause palpitations. Limiting time spent on them and using one device at a time will help to bring calmness to the mind and having days without them will allow the mind to graze freely choosing its own thoughts and at times resting where there is no thinking at all.

Like any other part of the body where change for the better is made, it is only with daily practice that the health benefits will begin to be felt and seen. This is the same for practicing good mental health. Unlike the physical body when parts of it become old they can be repaired or replaced nothing like that exists for the mind. Looking after the mind today is a wise and priceless investment for the future.





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