Post Lock-down Help and Support

It is OK to be angry

It is OK to be frightened

It is OK to feel unsure

It is OK to say your not OK and the past 15 months have been hard.

We have all been affected by the pandemic and only now the ripples are starting to show. Businesses, lifestyles, and lives have been hurt, even destroyed by what has happened and as we begin to pick ourselves up some of us may be feeling scared and lonely.

Talking in a safe place, with a trained mental health practitioner about the pandemic, its effect that it has had and still having now in post lockdown, can help. If struggling reach out now to a professional to guide you to a better place.

On Thursday 15th July 3.30pm-5.30pm come along to chat with others, in a safe place, the effect this pandemic has had on people and their lives. During these two hours, there will be an open discussion exploring any fears that many may have of another lock-down happening as well as difficulties some may be experiencing now, they are able to mix socially again with others. Also there will be helpful advice on how to avoid, and spot in others, depression as well as how to stay mentally healthy and balanced during these uncertain times. £10 per person
Call/text/email to book your place today!
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