Reiki and its healing benefits

Little is known before about the life of Mikao Usui the founder of the energy healing known worldwide as Reiki. Some said he grew tired of materialistic things in life and wanted to find the true meaning of it. After spending time alone in meditation, he discovered the natural healing energy that helped and healed many in Japan during the five years he practiced and taught Reiki.

Today Reiki is recognised by some health professionals for being beneficial when patients are recovering from cancer. Research has shown that for some it helps reducing side effects of the aftercare treatments as well as promote positive thinking during recovery helping the body to naturally heal. The SAFEST alternative therapy it can be used alongside all medication which is why there are now Reiki practitioners employed within the NHS.

Reiki treatments can vary depending upon the practitioner and some people, not understanding what it is, believe it to be linked to religion or other beliefs but, this is not true. The Japanese word Reiki translates to ‘universal life energy’ meaning it can be applied to all living things and that is why it is SAFE to use on people of all ages as well as during pregnancy and great for animals too.

Dr Mikao Usuijpeg