Sleep! Too Much Or Too Little?

What is the right amount of sleep?

 Sleep is important to everyone but how much can vary each night. Physical activity during the day as well as mental stimulation will determine how many hours a night is needed to replenish and rejuvenate body and mind. In winter when sunlight is reduced more will help nourish and balance whereas in summer less is likely due to the boost extra daylight hours bring. If physical outbalances mental stimulus giving mind exercise including, reading, puzzles, crosswords, sudoku or word searches in the day should help. The importance of keeping hydrated prevents dehydration during the night and could stop the cause of waking up. A sleepless night here and there is natural but likely to become a problem if thinking about ‘not being able to or cannot sleep’ This will increase negative feelings and associations with it and may lead to more serious problems. In general, how much sleep needed is a personal thing, for some it is more and others less which should help in reducing stress caused when on occasions not able to sleep.