Taste Life As It Happens

Sun cornard 2jpegWith April less than a week away it really feels like time is speeding up regardless of how it may be spent. A day seems a lot less than 24 hours and a week, can feel only 3 days long. Perhaps it has something to do with the encouragement to look ahead, created by media. Television programs not ending before the advertisement of what is on next comes up! But why all the impatience and what is the hurry? Life should be savoured, like a glass of fine wine. Enjoy things as they happen through to the accomplishment of them leave no feelings of missed opportunities because it felt time ran out! Maturing every moment of everyday so, in those later years to come life can be a joyful reflection, like a sunset upon beautiful calm lake.

Be mind aware: forward thinking means missing the point of the life that is happening now!