Tea And Its Healing Benefits


Tea was brought to our shores many years ago and was considered an upper- class drink in Europe, even seen as an expensive luxury often stored away under lock and key. Slowly rising in popularity between 17th and 19th century, probably as a better alternative to drinking ale and more palatable and healthier, because of the boiling of the water, than the foul tasting, dirty drinking water of that era, tea soon provided to be a pleasanter, thirst quenching and refreshing beverage to all classes.

With or without milk, adding lemon, fruit flavoured, hot or cold and even without caffeine, tea has come along, way since then. Having all heard and at times given ‘tea and sympathy’ tea is still one of our nation’s favourites but, before you go discarding that tea bag you may just want to know about the other healing benefits a good cup of ‘Rosie lea’ can help with.

For Sore weepy eyes and dry eyes: being careful NOT to tear and release the grouts from the bag, gently squeeze the COLD tea into the eye then wipe the teabag around the eyelid. This reduces redness and inflammation in and around the eye. Use as often as you would eye drops and if treating both eyes use a separate bag for each eye. For dry eyes use morning and night.

For cuts and grazes: bathe with warm or cold tea using the bag, you can add a tiny drop of tea tree essential oil into cold/warm tea or add salt for antiseptic, treat at least twice daily.

For Insect bites: bathe frequently the area affected with tea or leave teabag on bite for 5 minutes.

For Spots & sore skin: cleanse area with cooled tea or apply directly to the spot. For sore skin after cleansing with the teabag, squeeze bag and gently rub tea into the skin, patting dry with clean dry cloth.

For Sore throats: make a cup of tea without adding milk or sugar. Remove tea bag, allow to cool. This can be used as a gargle throughout the day. For severe sore throats add some salt.

For tired and strained eyes: place cooled tea bags over eyes. Keep on for at least 20 minutes, helps to refresh tired eyes.

You can even use teabags to remove eye make- up by gently wiping the bag over eyelids just being careful not to drag the teabag to prevent it splitting.

Add tea to hair conditioner then wrapping hair in clingfilm for 30 minutes will bring shine to the dullest of hair. Tea will also condition and dye eyebrows, just wipe teabag across them morning and night.

Well after reading that there are now even more reasons to go and put the kettle on and enjoy a good old cuppa!

Just a note remember you know your body better than anyone so, if any symptoms persist you know what to do!