Time alone

LadybirdsjpegCompanionship, even if it is just for these little Ladybirds to keep warm, is something that most living things need from time to time but having time alone is good to bring back balance to mind and body. For some people, being alone is something they avoid at all costs but in life there will always come a time when it cannot be.

Loneliness is a personal feeling and for some just the thought of it fills them with fear. Learning to embrace times of solitude positively can create fun times and it allows the freedom to do whatever is chosen like, taking an afternoon nap, or having a long relaxing bath. Being alone can encourage trying new things like yoga, painting or learning to play a musical instrument or even just enjoying a moments peace and silence!

For some, hobbies, and interests that by being with a companion may have been put to one side when finding times of solitude can allow for a rekindling of talents or even discovering new ones. Taking up interests can create new social circles too but, something to remember is, always be sure that an activity is done purely for the pleasure of it rather than to not be alone!