Water water everywhere but do you drink enough?

Succulent flowerjpegThese succulent flowers are very pretty, and I like the way that the leaves create the flower. How different these are preferring little water and unlike most flowers that wither through lack of water these plants do the opposite if watered too much.

Water is important to most living things and most of us do not drink enough during the day. Helping concentration, as well as a good detox for the bowel and bladder drinking plenty of water in the daytime can also reduce snacking between meals. With the cooler nights drawing in and the central heating being turned on dehydration can occur when asleep and if prone to sleepless or disturbed nights the cause could simply be not drinking enough water in the day. Boiled water  is better for these chilly days and will remain longer in the system and if not liking the taste try adding natural mint leaves, great for digestion, or a slice of lemon and both taste equally good hot or cold.