Week 2 Living with OCD

Week 2 

Living with OCD

Everyday life can become hard and tiring for those living with OCD when the rituals and routines take over it can make some withdraw from others and even confine them to their home. 

If a person’s OCD makes them afraid of contamination so there is less exposure for them it could feel safer to not go out. Isolation from the outside world can cause an increase in symptoms as well as the likeliness of depression and phobias like agoraphobia developing. OCD can interrupt careers although recent changes now protect someone being discriminated against if they are unable to go to work and some employers may even allow time off during the working day so routines can be done. 

Left untreated OCD can take over other areas of a person’s life. Speaking from personal experience can cause restless sleep with the compulsion to complete rituals even during the night. 

Personal relationships can also feel the pressure because OCD is not easy to understand for those having not experienced it. From the outside it can be heart breaking to watch a loved one so controlled by thoughts that it causes rejection of close family and friends.

 Living with OCD there is never rest, peace or freedom in the mind and can cause the sufferer to react out of character. It is important to remember when someone has this condition it is a daily challenge for them and through no fault of their own, they can become unrecognisable to themselves and to those closest to them.

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