Weekly Guidance 11-17 January 2021


Creating harmony within yourself will bring balance into your life, because we are made of energy and it is that which vibrates outwards and helps to build the lifestyles, we have around us. Energy flows in and out of our bodies through openings known as chakras. If any chakras become blocked it can make for uncomfortable feelings as well as bring too little or too much of the things in life, we need, to support us. Imagine an orchestra where all the instruments being played are out of tune the music has no chance of being recognised probably sounding like something that most would choose not to listen to. Creating harmonious tones within not only benefits us, individually, but also those who are around us. The earthy colours of the card: yellow; blue; green; and brown means by being outside in nature will help. So just by going for a walk can start the process of tuning mind and body and balancing the natural energy flow into and through them, bringing harmony to yourself, your life and those who share it with you.  

Guidance authored by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS and does not represent original message.

Card from Healing with your Angels by Doreen Virtue