Weekly Reading 10th -16th May 2021

Weekly Reading

Card: New Beginnings

For some people, this card may bring with it a sigh of relief that new things are coming. At long last the break from the tired hum drum life, which is in desperate need of a new energy boost to bring the colour back. Some may feel fearful that new beginnings mean, letting go of what they know and feel they can trust.

 If we look at the natural world, we see how adaptable it is to start new every day, for instance sometimes with a beautiful sunrise, other days a thick mist. Living alongside nature the wildlife, generally, do not settle anywhere for long. Even for the nesting birds of Spring, this is only temporary until the little fledglings leave, and when the last one does so do the adults. 

So this card indicates for some it maybe as simple as a new wardrobe of clothes whilst for othersA1 NBjpeg it could be something more significant. But trust in the heart that these new beginnings are just what is needed to move forward on life’s pathway and journey.

Summary: Release the old that has become tired and be open for the new to come. Who knows it could be the real beginning to life that you have been waiting for!

Guidance powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Card from Doreen Virtues Healing with your Angels