Weekly Reading 19th-25th April 2021

InkedAA0132 Focus_LIjpgWeekly reading 19th-25th April 2021


Keeping focused when there are many distractions can be hard, and we see the Angel looking into the middle distance at something which is not visible. Two messages come with this weekly reading and the first is to stay focused upon what is truly desired keep it in the minds eye as something to work towards. The second message is to remain focused upon the present and what is happening now because that determines the future from here, so keeping present will avoid missing those all-important messages and guidance that are coming to help.

Summary: The eyes that see through a heart that believes gives focus to the smaller details that lead to a life of true purpose!


This guidance was powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Picture from: Messages from your Angels, Doreen Virtue.

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