Weekly Reading 22-28 February 2021


Weekly reading 22nd-28th February 2021


One of my favourite cards shows the feminine beauty of Angel Vanessa with masculine strength keeping these two sides balanced brings a sense of purpose to life.

The cards message it asking which way brings the closer connection to divine fulfilment and which way makes that harder to reach? When seeking true life purpose, the mind may have ideas on how it will come about and that can make things seem complicated and feel unachievable. True life purpose means living and being with truth in every thought and action. So, when the only motive is to bring help to another, the purpose of action from thoughtful intention is being fulfilled and the result is good for all involved.  

But if those who look for help, in any way, find their pathway brings them to you, it could indicate that a career using these natural skills will let your true-life purpose be lived. And because of that help will be available to many more!

Guidance author Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

This does not represent original message of card from pack Messages from your Angels by Doreen virtue