Weekly Reading 26th April - 2nd May 2021

111aaaaajpegWeekly reading 26th April – 2nd May 2021


Message for the week ahead comes with the card YVONNE a lovely picture of an Angel holding a kitten. The unconditional love and bond some have help animals, especially if they have been mistreated, and with care trust is learnt again. Animals have the amazing ability to self-heal emotionally. Even though it is never explained to them why they may have suffered, some, just naturally find confidence in people again. It takes time and a lot of patience but each step away from the pain gives strength in the heart and a newfound belief in the mind to encourage that move forward.

People can do this too and it is easier when they stop looking for answers as to why someone has betrayed or hurt them. When a person concentrates only on the emotional release, which includes forgiving oneself but also those involved, it brings healing which builds not only a better bond to themselves but also the ability in trusting others again.

Summary: To be unconditional means to be able to see, hear of feel it from all points of view, not just your own!

This guidance was powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Card from: Messages from your Angels, Doreen Virtue.