Weekly Reading 8th-14th March 2021

Weekly reading 8th-14th March 2021


 The picture on this card says it all showing the main Angel in the middle naked as well as the Cherubs around her. By stripping away all that is false will only leave the truth to be revealed but at least everyone knows exactly what they are faced with and where they stand.

Just like clothes, that people wear to hide what is beneath, people can also hide behind facades that they create in their lives. Living in this way makes everything fragile as it balances on lies and false hope. Admitting to ourselves the truth about a situation is harder to do then confessing to others because of the realisation it was all self-inflicted. 

We always instinctually know what is right, even though through conditioned beliefs, we ignore that inner sense.  But the strength and courage of the ‘right thing to do’ brings with it, truth, and integrity and from that a relief that no longer the blanket of lies needs to be held up or hidden behind.

Summary: You owe it, if only to yourself, to be truthful about this situation around you now.

Guidance channelled by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Card from Healing with your Angels by Doreen Virtue