Weekly reading for 13th-19th August 2021


Guidance for the week ahead from these two cards

The first card is New Love, and this is more about self- expression by speaking clearly from the heart just how you are truly feeling about a person close to you. Perhaps it is time to tell them that you do love them. Speaking truthfully, some people think, is putting themselves in to a vulnerable position but to not to leaves the possibility of being hurt more because of misunderstandings through the words that have not been said. Making it quite clear to someone how you feel about them and the response you get back allows you to know exactly where you stand, and from that you are then able to make decisions that are best and right for you.

When Archangel Michael appears this is a message about the support you now have with you in making the changes to move forward and by letting go of the old tired, worn-out ways will allow fresh and new to come in. Changes that are, probably, well overdue are helped along if you are willing to embrace them and go with the flowing current just know in your heart all will be for the better for yourself and all involved.

Summary: Love life, yourself, and others and when the change, for better, arrives you will know you are worthy and deserving of it.  

These messages powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Cards from the Doreen Virtues Healing Messages from your Angels
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