Weekly reading for 17th-23rd May 2021

AAAAA123jpegCard: Body Care

Taking good care of the body’s needs on the inside does show on the outside, although it does not always just mean changing to a healthier diet. Sometimes it does not matter what improvements are made physically, if the mind is not feeling great that will have a bigger negative impact outwardly. This card shows an Angel with their arms wrapped around themselves, meaning it is time to give some self-care and love back. On the ground by the Angel’s feet lay their bow and arrows this means to take a step back from work and other distractions and make time to get the natural balance back.

 The working environment has seen change and for many the home may now be an extension of this so, it is important to keep balanced with physical spaces as well. Taking regular breaks throughout the day and moving into another room, especially at lunchtime, helps the mind to register mealtimes and then lessen the temptation to snack between meals. 

Sleep is also food and a tonic for the body so if feeling tired have a power nap and check out those late nights, remember that old saying ‘every hour before midnight is worth two after!’ Moving bedtime earlier will not only be positively felt by having more physical energy, clarity and mind focus but also seen, with brighter eyes and a healthier complexion.

Summary: Nurturing the inside will benefit the outside which together will bring back a healthy balance to mind and body!

Guidance powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Card from Doreen Virtues Healing with your Angels