What is Fear?

Feeling it, hearing it or seeing it whichever sense the mind uses fear can only exist when it has life breathed into it by thinking. Over thinking situations which have yet to exist using emotion to create the physical feeling which help reinforce fear as something real.

Fear is a conditioned belief taught early in life. Babies do not fear things they react to them like when hearing a loud noise, they cry as a reaction to the sound. Fear can be used as a form of power over others by making them fearful they will be more cooperative.

When fearful of something by identifying why it’s feared helps to understand the emotions associated with it. Low self-esteem, lack of self-worth or self-confidence are just a few examples of problems that could evolve from a fear.

From such a small word can come great negative power which can prevent those who live in or with a fear from living life to the full.      

Is fear

Fooling you

Exhausting you

Abusing you

Ruling you