What is Self-doubt?

What is self-doubt?

What can stop many people doing what they love? Is it fear of failing or being judged? Or not wanting to upset others?

Trying new things should bring a sense of excitement whether it is a career or hobby. But for some self- doubt can stop ideas a person may have in creating a life they truly desire. Conditioned thoughts can hinder when seeking change in life and encourage the growth of self-doubt. Learning to self-trust is not always easy because people normally rely on others for support. If this is not forth coming it can push a person back in to believing they should not change something within themselves or their life. Self-doubt can spread into other areas of a person’s personality and the things, they once felt sure and confident about could diminish.

If it could be seen a good comparison to self-doubt would be a wall, because as it grows the block it creates can feel hard and tough to get through. Releasing self-doubt can be done and by choosing a small change will help. By positively thinking about the change whenever it comes to mind will reinforce good feelings associated with it too. Discourage over thinking and by limiting discussion with others will reduce negative doubts or fears. The wall of self-doubt is self-created so can be removed albeit slowly one brick at a time. By no longer being overshadowed self-confidence will start to strengthen and grow, creating a stronger person that others will feel naturally and positively drawn to.