Why is self-love so hard to find?

Why is self-love so hard to find?

There are many books about learning to love oneself and just as many films with hidden messages for finding inner love. Why is it buried so deeply that every person seems to struggle to find it and for some they never do? To love others is encouraged from a young age but it is almost never expressed how important it is to love oneself. Perhaps that is why some people are always looking for love with great expectations believing it will come from an outside source.  

Finding true unconditional and non-judgemental love for oneself is not a betrayal to others although conditioned beliefs often misguide it to be so. Surely its importance is greater with its limitless power to always be there providing love and encouragement and bringing strength when making life choices. A person with self-love knows how to love in a balanced healthy way were jealousy and possessiveness cannot exist, and they will only ever attract true honest love because it already surrounds them.

Looking within will always help a person find the answers they have been searching for!

‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’ Oscar Wilde