Reiki for Care Home Residents


Reiki for Residents of Care Homes

Reiki is beneficial for mental health and well being as it helps calm the mind and can reduce physical pain. Reiki is ideal to use with the elderly including those living with dementia. 

To develop a greater understanding of dementia and other ways the mind can be affected by age, I completed a course in the Principles of Dementia level 2.

Some medical professionals believe Reiki helps provide positive mental responses in patients and because of this has seen the introduction of Reiki in to the NHS. Trials of Reiki are now being offered as a support to NHS patients during recovery and treatment for cancer. Reiki is the SAFEST alternative therapy and can be used alongside ALL medication and is safe to use on persons of all ages and ability both physically and mentally.

Here are some comments from the residents and staff of the care homes I visit regularly.

'...her visits are so beneficial to the residents. She has been providing her therapy for five and a half years. We look forward to her visits'

'....residents are a lot calmer.....are less agitated and in some their appetite has returned' 

'Relaxed and calmer.......very relaxed and sleepy but in a nice way'

'Helen has been coming to us for some years now and has built up a fantastic relationship with our residents. She is kind, polite and professional throughout her visits and provides a truly one of a kind experience'

'Some residents have stated ...relaxing, calming and enjoyable while other residents have experienced better mobility, feeling more alert and others are more able to settle'

'Helen is a valued member of our team and we look forward to her visits'

'Residents seem more relaxed, calm and happy after treatment'

'It's so nice to have some alternative therapy services for our residents, which can complement their medical treatment. Residents that receive treatment are visibly more relaxed and calm after the session. An invaluable service!!'

'Very pleased, feel much better'

'feel very relaxed'

'soothing music and sensational therapy'

'very happy.....relaxes me and helps back pain...'

'Helen visited today.....our residents found it relaxing and calming .....we are more than happy...'

'...her own calming music she explains the benefits of Reiki ..... so the residents fully understand. Helen always speaks to the residents in a professional and friendly manner, treating them as individuals and with the respect and dignity they deserve.'

Reiki days for Care Homes
A day of Reiki treatments for up to 12 residents each receiving a 20-minute treatment. A special day rate applies to these visits please call for more details including information about a FREE Reiki half-day.  

Individual Reiki Treatments 

Individual visits from £25.00 for 35 minutes.

For five or more residents a discount of 10% will apply for each one providing all are booked for the same day and timed consecutively.