Prices For H.J.B Hypnotherapy & MAR Courses

For all home visits there is a standard extra charge of £5.00 this is up to and including five miles. There after the mileage is calculated at 65p per mile.

For evening appointments after 6pm there is an extra £5.00 per session on all therapies. 

Hypnotherapy at H.J.B Hypnotherapy

For appointments Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm
Initial Consultation £75.00 appointment time 2 hours
Hypnotherapy £57.00 session time 75 minutes

Reiki at H.J.B Hypnotherapy

Reiki treatment £40.00 appointment time 45 minutes

Reiki treatment and mini reading £45.00 appointment time 60 minutes

Reiki attunements start from £120.00 pp. Taught over one and a half days

Indian Head Massage
Without essential oils £35.00  appointment time 45 minutes 

With essential oils £40.00 appointment time 45 minutes

With essential oils and mini reading £45.00 appointment time 60 minutes

Meditation at H.J.B Hypnotherapy
Every 4 weeks. Wednesday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm £10.00 pp Booking essential

Mind Aware Relaxation Courses part 1 & 2
Starting at £75.00 pp 

Also available at H.J.B Hypnotherapy

Corporate events including occupational health days

Pamper events 

Psychic readings £45.00 for 45 minutes

Telephone readings £45.00 for 45 minutes

Psychic parties from £25.00 pp for 20 minutes. At least five people up to nine people. 

H.J.B Hypnotherapy in Royston
Also available: 

Hypnotherapy prices from £67

Reiki Prices from £45

Indian Head Massage Prices from £45

Meditation - will re-start in Spring 2020