H.J.B Hypnotherapy & MAR Courses


HJB Hypnotherapy 

At HJB Hypnotherapy we aim to guide those who may be finding it difficult living day to day. Whether a habit, phobia, lack of confidence or anything else is making life feel uncomfortable hypnosis could be the answer. 
Hypnosis naturally relaxes the subconscious mind to make way for positive thinking and the therapy helps with the changes that brings.  

Safety First

HJB Hypnotherapy is recognised by the National Hypnotherapy Society and accredited Professional Standards Authority. This means you are in safe hands Here at HJB Hypnotherapy we are:

  • qualified in hypnotherapy 
  • registered with  professional organisations
  • insured to practice hypnotherapy
  • empathetic and experienced in helping others

Where to start

Book a 75-90 minute initial consultation to discuss life, medical history and sample a 15 minute hypnosis relaxation. If hypnotherapy is suitable, sessions can start. 4- 6 weekly sessions are recommended to begin with as this time is when most significant changes occur.