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Hypnotherapy the facts

Hypnotherapists are experienced and qualified in supporting those choosing to make a change in their life. The change could be anything from overcoming a habit, phobia or wanting to have more confidence or self esteem. Hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as many other things which a person could feel is stopping them from leading a normal life. 

Hypnosis helps a person to relax naturally allowing for the subconscious mind to positively accept change. The therapy helps the conscious mind in adapting to the physical and emotional change.

At H.J.B Hypnotherapy the person centered approach is used to give people confidence and control because it could for some be challenging when choosing to create change within the mind.

A 90 minute initial consultation appointment where discussing essential information, including current medical history gives time for new clients to ask any questions and experience a short relaxation hypnosis. After this if hypnotherapy is suitable  weekly sessions for 6 weeks is recommended to begin with. During this time is when most significant change occurs and weekly support is important.

Each hypnotherapy session includes 15 minutes of Reiki before which helps to relax and encourages a deeper hypnosis. With easy to use relaxation exercises to learn and practice between sessions this helps to build an awareness of self-support once therapy ends. Session times are up to 75 minutes long. A time frame of how many sessions in total a client may need is varied and therefore unpredictable.

Appointments at H.J.B Hypnotherapy, Essex and in Royston* Hertfordshire which are available Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. *Thursdays ONLY in Royston.

Evenings, after 6pm, Saturday morning appointments, 9.30am - 1pm and home visits available.

Hypnotherapy the fiction

Hypnotists on stage and television provide an entertaining show for an audience by guiding them through consciously, they choose those who are more open to suggestion. Stage hypnotists normally have some knowledge or could even be qualified hypnotherapists but their stage acts are for entertainment purposes only. Stage hypnotism should not be compared to clinical hypnotherapy which is for a persons mental health and well being.

Safety first 

When looking for a hypnotherapist always be sure to check they are;

  • qualified in hypnotherapy and ask to see qualifications
  • registered with a professional organisation
  • fully insured to practice hypnotherapy
  • experienced in the help required
  • a person YOU feel comfortable with

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