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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a very relaxing treatment which can reduce stress and anxiety as well as providing a detox for the whole body and mind. Physical aches and pains can be greatly reduced as well as migraines. Sleep patterns can be improved as general health and well-being is restored during regular treatments to begin.
Working on the upper half of the back massaging shoulders and neck. Lymph nodes are massaged and pressure points on the neck and scalp to help release toxins within the body. A clever mix of vigorous and gentle techniques provides a pleasant and relaxing treatment.

How often for a treatment?
Once a week or whenever a detox or re-balance for mind and body feels necessary. Once a month is probably advisable as an on going treatment. 
The use of oil is not essential during a the massage.
At H.J.B Hypnotherapy a mini reading can be booked at the same time.

'the physio suggested Indian Head Massage ...I found H.J.B Hypnotherapy my neck is a lot less painful' Client from Essex