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Living Light Monthly Reading 

April 2021

Four Card Reading For April 2021 

CARD 1 BALANCE: Keeping balance in life makes living it easier meaning that the time doing things, including for others, is equaled to that spent doing what brings enjoyment and fun. The return to work this month, for some, could bring this welcomed shift of evenness but those who have worked all through the lock-down it could be that sense of life being a constant treadmill. If asking ‘How do I find the time?’, well the message is: Do not wait until health begins to suffer, make the time NOW! 

CARD 2 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Powerful healing comes with this next card, Archangel Michael, to all those with changes ahead as well as those who do not have jobs or businesses to return to. He can, if asked, guide you and make the severing from the past less painful by bringing light to it including healing any emotional attachments that were made to what is now changing.

CARD 3 HARMONY: Every instrument, in an orchestra, brings its own tune producing complementary sounds that flow together. Music lifts human energy and listening at different frequencies can promote good senses that are connected by the mind. From that life can become clearer in a way that can be seen, heard, and felt because of the harmony that flows from the mind into the senses, and from there into the body.

CARD 4 POWER: Natural power is in us all that unfortunately, for most, has become forgotten even lost. The ability to heal ourselves and our lives lies within, but alas with so many distractions around what hope is there that it will ever be found. Only rediscovered by those who truly want it but for those who would rather continue to be distracted the message is: Health, Happiness and Prosperity do not just happen they are powered by a clarity in the mind. Take some time to connect to the unlimited power of universal energy through meditation.

Summary: Equal measures of everything this month will help to let go and allow those changes in. See it like a flowing stream, feel it like breathing in and out or, hear it like a favourite piece of music. Let in natural healing to old and present wounds so they can heal to bring health and strength in finding your true- life purpose.

Guidance powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS 

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Cards by Doreen Virtue /Healing with the Angels.