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Living Light Monthly Reading 

July 1st-31st 2021

Four Card Reading For July 2021 

The reading for July starts with the first card celebration and here we see an Angel with arms outstretched to the moon saying they are open to receive and release every day to start anew. We are sent here to the planet Earth to bring light to it through our life purpose so just as we celebrate a birth of a new baby this card helps us to remember that each day is a new beginning for us. The next card is signs telling us that Angles do see, hear, and feel what is happening to us and they do send signs to say help is coming or guide us to do what is right. But if distracted we can miss those because they are subtle and are so for a good reason to see if we are paying attention to the smaller things around us. Leading to the third card soulmate with purple and green colours the picture of the two young Angels together letting us know that although at times we may feel alone we are not and a chance meeting with a person who feels connected to us, sometimes from a past life, can bring healing to us in the times most needed. And the final card study whether academic or spiritual a clear head and heart is needed so what is learnt we know we are deserving of the better it can bring to us. The rainbow of colours from the Angels’ hands shows that self- study can help us in all areas of our lives.

Summary: Do not just celebrate your life once a year, every day is new that has yet to be lived, so rejoice and enjoy it. The signs are there you just need to pay more attention they may be sent through a brief soulmate meeting to remind you that all the answers to your life lie within yourself you just need to do more self-study to find them.  

Guidance powered by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS Cards from Doreen Virtues pack Messages from Angels

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Cards by Doreen Virtue /Healing with the Angels.