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...notice the signs being sent.....

Living Light Monthly Reading 

1st - 30th September 2020

Living Light Reading for Month of September 2020  


The card SIGNS mean looking and seeing the smaller things in life that could be answers to questions and if they include asking for help, notice the signs being sent. Like a feather which may seem to drift down or appear from nowhere. Or feelings in the heart when thinking about choices to be made. The signs which are sent by Angels when they communicate will be subtle. Spending time alone being quiet to hear their answers leads to the next card MEDITATION. Hustle and bustle of life adds to all that is crowding and preventing stillness and quiet the mind needs when choosing to make the right decisions. The card CELEBRATION has come with a note to enjoy life not only those special occasions, but every day live each one as if it is the first day of the rest of your life! With the Autumn equinox near light will be limited in the day but it can be found in other ways including meditating. The final card ABUNDANCE is a positive message that what is needed will be sent. What it is and how it comes is only known by the Angels and if too selective will prevent and block it. All is required is an open and willing heart to receive because it will always be for the greater good of all.        

NOTE: Cards from Healing with The Angels by Doreen Virtue. This message of guidance authored by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS does not represent any original messages with these cards.

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