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Living Light Monthly Reading 

1st - 31st January 2021

Four cards: Bethany; Shanti; Indriel; Caressa

The first card shows Angel Bethany with the colours of purple around indicating, that when we indulge in a little self-pampering it helps to heal us. The message written on it suggests having time for yourself which, is always important, even if it is half an hour a day or, if indulgent time out has been neglected then take a whole day back just for you!

Leading on to the next card for the New Year brings a message of a smoother road ahead and the evidence will soon be clear that the trials and lessons of 2020 will be ending. The significance of the lion and the lamb represents the differing of people’s opinions and how extreme they can be. But with Angel Shanti in between them there will be peace and harmony so all can work and live alongside each other regardless of their views!

Angel Indriel helps to remind us all, of our life’s purpose which we were sent here to do, and it can only be by doing what we were chosen and sent to do that our light can truly shine out here on Earth.  Everything needs light to live and the light we give out helps others to live. Living true as you and being great at being you, life lights up in away that makes the journey easier with everything becoming clearer because there is nothing false to mislead!

The final card for the month is Angel Caressa whose message is, that a cycle in life has now ended and with this coming at the start of the year means a release into something new and better. A time to gather the learning from what has passed which will be useful and helpful in the future. The card shows a sunsetting and a silhouette of the Angel patiently waiting for the next chapter of life to begin.

Summary of cards for the month: Balancing life equally with time given to others and time spent doing things you enjoy most, will help to keep true to the light you are. This will help to understand that everyone here on earth has come for a different reason and the opinions we hold show that. We may not all agree with each other but learning to respect one another creates a world where all can live in peace and harmony. Showing patience lets you hear others as well as yourself and being heard can make a positive difference in life to one and all!


Cards are Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue. The messages above are channelled by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS and DONOT represent the original messages with the cards.


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