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Life can feel like a game of chance.

Living Light Weekly Reading 

5th July to 11th July 2020

Living Light Reading for 5th July -11th July 2020

Card: Answered Prayer Card description: Angel in prayer looking upwards. Green, blue, lilacs to purple are the colours of this beautiful card.

Guidance by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS

Sometimes people do regularly pray and have beliefs linked to religion and others pray now and again not having any belief they follow. For some they choose not to believe in anything other than what they see and experience through living life. But the certainty is everyone needs help at sometime or another and how that comes does not really matter. All that does is a show of recognition and gratitude and that can simply be ‘THANK YOU’. The colours of lilac going to purple in the clouds above the Angel means asking for help for people and the blue is good communication through kind thoughts about others. With the green I sensed the crystal Aventurine which is good for increasing favour in competitions and games of chance, which life can feel like at times! 

For those who are reading this the message is ‘help is on its way’ for whatever issue or problem that maybe causing worry and stress. The universe has ways of looking after all living things on planet earth, no problem is too great or too small for it to help.  

PLEASE NOTE: This card is from the pack Healing with The Angels by Doreen Virtue. The message here is a reading of guidance authored by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS and does not represent the original message included with the cards.  

Reading authored by Helen Brucher Dip Hyp CS MHS   

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