Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage 

Indian Head Massage a very relaxing treatment which can reduce stress and anxiety and provide a detox for the body and mind. Starting at the shoulder blades working upwards onto shoulders and neck where here the lymph nodes are massage to release toxins within the body. The scalp is massaged and with the clever mix of gentle and vigorous techniques using certain pressure points on the head this allows for all tension to be released in mind and body.

Physical aches and pains can be reduce to zero as well as migraines with regular treatments of Indian Head Massage. Quality of sleep and sleeping patterns will improve as well as a general feeling of health and well being restored.

How often should you have Indian Head Massage?

As often as once a week or when you feel your mind and body need a detox. To maintain a good balance at least once a month is recommended.

At H.J.B Hypnotherapy you can have this relaxing massage and receive messages of guidance with a mini reading too.

Appointments for Indian Head Massage are available in Royston Hertfordshire. 

Treatments can be done with or without the use of essential massage oils.

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'....the physio suggested Indian Head Massage......I found H.J.B neck is a lot less painful now...I can highly recommend Helen' Client from Essex