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Reiki Treatments & Learning Reiki

Reiki is a natural healing energy now being recognised and used within the NHS. Patients are being given Reiki to help them alongside their after care treatment for cancer. It has been reported by patients that they feel calmer, more positive and for some the Reiki helps to prevent side effects of treatment.

Reiki is energy which flows from the practitioners hands into the clients body as they are held above the head and body. Reiki can help with physical pain, calm the mind and ease emotions. Realigning the mind and re-balancing the body Reiki is a very relaxing treatment and completely safe to use during pregnancy.

How often to have a Reiki treatment?
You can have Reiki as often as once a week or just as and when you feel you need re-balancing in mind and body. Most clients who are new to Reiki will have a treatment once a week for the first month then settle to either once a fortnight or once a month.

Because Reiki is so versatile many people like to be attuned to the energy so they literally have Reiki on hand to use at any time. At H.J.B Hypnotherapy there are courses to learn Reiki I, II, Advanced and Master level III

Learn Reiki at H.J.B Hypnotherapy or in Royston Hertfordshire
Reiki courses are taught over one and a half days 

Certificates are issued after 21 days from attunements

At H.J.B Hypnotherapy you can enjoy a Reiki treatment with a mini reading.

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